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Your smart app for transportation and events – made with love in Hannover!

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Events and Favorites

Smart Trip Planning

Our real-time information brings you from door to door. With public transportation, bike, walking and driving directions available all in one place.

Smart Route Planning

Public Transport Departures

Quickly find the next departures nearby or at a specific stop or station - including accurate real-time information.

Push Messages for Delays

Everything at a Glance

Simply click on the map to see more information about stops and stations. Activate the live map to see buses and trains move in real time.

Your smart trip and event planner for all of Hannover.
What awaits you?

About Hacon: With a dedicated team of 290+, Hannover-based Hacon creates and develops innovative software solutions for public transport. The timetable information system HAFAS helps millions of passengers stay up to date on their connections. Our award-winning trip planners, such as the "DB Navigator," are available across all mobile platforms and are some of the most successful apps in Europe. This is why our software is considered the highest industry standard for trip planning throughout the world and prompted the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to honor Hacon as one of the “50 Smartest Companies” worldwide.